The AUXSOL Global Partner Empowerment Training Tour has been sparkling in the #AMEARegion.

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We are thrilled to share exciting news with you! The AUXSOL Global Partner Empowerment Training Tour has been sparkling in the #AMEARegion.
During this trip, our dedicated team of R&D experts conducted on-site demonstrations, including the meticulous dismantling of an AUXSOL inverter prototype. This provided our esteemed customers with an in-depth understanding of the unparalleled advantages offered by the #PCB, the cornerstone of our product.
The response from our clients in the #AMEARegion was truly remarkable. They were particularly impressed by AUXSOL's robust R&D capabilities and the staggering annual capacity of 82 million pieces for AUXSOL #PCBs. Additionally, they were shocked by the low maintenance rate of the AUXSOL inverter, at just 0.3%, which stood out as one of the industry's best.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our #AMEARegion distributors for their warm hospitality and engaging in insightful discussions. The partnership and collaboration are instrumental in our success.
With the unwavering support we have received, AUXSOL is committed to delivering exceptional, globally-recognized products and services. We aim to lead the industry, driving positive change and illuminating the world with our groundbreaking #inverter technology.
Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

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