Auxsol Monitoring Platform


Precise data acquisition

Infographic display

Intelligent analysis

Remote settings of solar inverter types

About the Cloud Monitoring Platform

AUXSOL's cloud monitoring platform offers advanced solutions, including precise data acquisition, infographic display, and intelligent analysis. It enables real-time data updates in multiple dimensions and supports remote settings of solar inverter types. The monitoring data is even more intuitive and clearer thanks to a larger display.


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Product Features

  • Smart System

    IV scan function for one-click viewing of PV module status

    Smart alarm push notifications for more efficient troubleshooting

    Smart local device comparison

  • Convenient O&M

    One-click creation of plants and device addition

    Multi-level maintenance that supports hierarchical management

    Real-time data in multiple dimensions that supports remote configuration on a large display that is intuitive and clear

  • Safe & Reliable

    Microservice framework that supports tens of millions of devices

    Safe operation information that supports investigation and review

    Safe links and multiple data backups


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