AUXSOL's Latest C&I Inverters Successfully Certified by PTPiREE

2024-03-13 11:20:00.0

Exciting News: AUXSOL's Latest C&I 话题标签Inverters Successfully Certified by 话题标签PTPiREE

We are thrilled to announce that AUXSOL's newest line of C&I inverters has successfully passed the rigorous validation process by 话题标签PTPiREE.

The 话题标签PolishTransmissionAndDistributionAssociation (PTPiREE) comprises local distribution system operators and 话题标签energy industry professionals. Since its establishment in 1990, 话题标签PTPiREE has been dedicated to implementing new solutions in the energy industry, striving to enhance energy network efficiency, quality, and customer service. 话题标签PTPiREE plays a crucial role in promoting technical development, standardization, policy advocacy, and professional growth within 话题标签Poland's transmission and distribution sector.

AUXSOL's C&I inverters - 话题标签ASN70TL, 话题标签ASN75TL, 话题标签ASN80TL, 话题标签ASN90TL, 话题标签ASN100TL, and 话题标签ASN110TL - have been included in the list of equipment meeting the requirements of the Polish 话题标签photovoltaic market. The latest series of AUXSOL 话题标签inverters obtaining 话题标签PTPiREE 话题标签certification reaffirms the 话题标签safety and 话题标签reliability of our products.

Unlock the Core Advantages of AUXSOL 话题标签Commercial and 话题标签Industrial 话题标签Inverters:

1. 💎Noise-Free Operation
Create a tranquil operating environment.

2. 💎24-Hour Data Monitoring
Assist users in real-time monitoring of power generation and consumption data.

3. 💎Built-in String-Level MPPT Controller
Track the highest voltage and current values of photovoltaic modules in real-time, maximize power output, and achieve higher electricity generation returns.

4. 💎Second-Level Lightning Protection
Prevent damage from lightning overvoltage, providing users with added peace of mind.

5. 💎Flexible Optional 话题标签AFCI DC Arc Fault Protection
Extend circuit protection up to 300 meters, leading in safety and reliability.

According to research institution data, 话题标签Poland's 话题标签photovoltaic installed capacity is expected to double from 2023 to 2025, with large 话题标签farms and 话题标签commercial power stations leading this explosive growth. 话题标签DistributedRooftopPhotovoltaics are the primary installation form in 话题标签European countries, with 话题标签Poland's rooftop installations growing rapidly, currently accounting for 70% of the market's installed capacity.

Under the leadership of decarbonization goals, the local government actively advocates for the transition to new energy sources, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of medium and large photovoltaic power stations.

To our esteemed partners in 话题标签Poland's new energy distribution partners, let us together lead the development of 话题标签Poland's new energy industry with AUXSOL's forward-thinking technological innovation.

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