Integrity Statement

Statement on Anti-Commercial Bribery and Anti-Corruption


Commercial corruption severely undermines fair competition in the market and has extremely negative impacts on the sustainable development of society, economy, and enterprises. AUX Group insists on honesty and integrity, strictly observes business ethics, follows all relevant laws and regulations of the place of business, and implements a "zero tolerance" policy for any form of corruption.

AUX Group has taken a series of active and effective measures and established a comprehensive management system to prevent commercial corruption. AUX Group requires all employees or individuals and entities acting on behalf of AUX Group to participate in business activities not to offer bribes to public officials or other individuals and entities in any direct or indirect manner in order to seek business interests. If suppliers, agents, consultants, and other business partners (hereinafter referred to as "partners") conduct such acts towards AUX Group's employees for the same purpose, the employees must immediately reject and report to the company. When conducting business with partners, AUX Group ensures that the partners also adhere to AUX Group's anti-corruption policy through contractual terms and corresponding monitoring procedures, and imposes restrictions on their behavior.

This statement applies to AUX Group, as well as its subsidiaries and branches that are directly or indirectly controlled by it globally.


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Integrity Statement

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