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AUXSOL single- and three-phase on-grid solar inverters.


AUXSOL Inverter Solutions


The residential solar inverter solution is mainly composed of PV modules, inverters, grid-connected boxes, and other main components. The residential 3.6-25kW on-grid solar inverter system can adapt to different rooftops.

Our residential solar inverters support 4G/WIFI/RS485 communication with the AUXSOL cloud monitoring platform. AUXSOL residential solar inverter applications can provide users with better household electricity options.



The C&I solar solution is mainly composed of commercial and industrial PV inverters, grid-connected boxes, voltage devices, and other main components. The 70-110kW C&I on-grid PV system features multiple-channel MPPT and is suitable for rooftops of different commercial and industrial plants.


Energy Storage

AUXSOL's 3.6-12kW energy storage solutions can be used for residential energy storage. The excess electricity generated from solar energy can be stored during the day and available at any time.

AUXSOL is committed to creating reliable solar inverter solutions for users.


About Us

AUX Group was founded in 1986,
and has been ranked China's top 500enterprises for many years.

As one of China's leading solar inverter manufacturers and solar inverter suppliers, AUXSOL provides photovoltaic system inverters all over the world.

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